PMBC : Special Publication No.12

  • มีผู้สนใจ จำนวน 847 คน

ตุลาคม 2536


- Revised checklist of fish in the Reference Collection of the PMBC, Department of Fisheries, Thailand
   :   A. Nateewathana, C. Aungtonya and R. Sirivejabandhu
- Species of fish added to the Reference Collection of the PMBC, Thailand
   :   P. Sirimontraporn, S. Bussarawit and A. Nateewathana
- Fishes from the 5th Thai-Danish Expedition to the Andaman Sea in 1966
   :   P. Buunyanate and J. Hylleberg
- Colour picture of fishes for taxonomic purposes. The problems of reflections and background colour smuding
   :   J. Hylleberg, W. Pokapunt and P. Sirimontraporn
- Updated list of reef fishes and their distribution along the West coast of Thailand, Andaman Sea
   :   U. Satapoomin
- Two new records of fishes from the Andaman Sea
   :   P. Sirimontraporn and S. Bussarawit
- Serranid fishes (Family: Serranidae; subfamily Epinephelinae) from the Andaman sea
   :   W. Pokapunt, P. Sirimontraporn and S. Bussarawit
- A review of larvae fish distribution and abundance in the Andaman Sea Thailand
   :   V. Janekarn
- Species composition and annual population growth of fishes in front of a mangrove in Phangnga Bay the Andaman Sea, Thailand
   :   V. Janekarn

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