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กรกฎาคม 2559


The members of the Editorial Board are pleased to present Volume 73 of the Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin. This issue has a strong taxonomic theme with three papers devoted to the identification and new records of marine invertebrates in Thai waters. The first describes new records of marine cerithiid gastropods and is a valuable reference to these small gastropod molluscs that have proved very difficult to study. The second paper uses both molecular and morphological data to support identification of the cubozoan jellyfish Chiropsoides from Phuket while the third paper discusses the geographic separation of two populations of the common Indo-Pacific cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis, found on the Andaman Sea coast and in the Gulf of Thailand. The Editorial Board also wishes to record its sadness on the death in December 1, 2014 of Dr. Pitiwong Tandichodok of the Institute of Science at Walailuk University, Thailand. Dr. Pitiwong had been an active supporter of the Research Bulletin and also a regular reviewer of manuscripts submitted to the journal as a member of the Advisory Editorial Board. His valuable counsel and editorial advice will be sorely missed by all those involved in the production of the Research Bulletin.


Phuket Marine Biological Center




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