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We are pleased to present PMBC Research Bulletin No. 80, which covers various aspects of marine flora and fauna biodiversity and ecology. One paper examines the distribution of phytoplankton along the coastline of Ranong Province in the Andaman Sea, shedding light on the ecological factors influencing these distribution patterns. Two papers are dedicated to the study of box jellyfish (Cubomedusae). The first introduces a new genus and species within the Carukiidae family, discovered in Thai waters. The second paper expands our understanding of box jellyfish distribution by documenting the presence of Morbakka virulenta in the Gulf of Thailand. Another paper investigates a noteworthy occurrence of the sea urchin Astropyga radiata on a Phuket Island shore. This study explores whether this phenomenon is attributed to feeding or reproduction. Three papers delve into the realm of fishes. One presents findings on a deep-water species, Dasyscopelus brachygnathos, a new record in the Andaman Sea. Another paper revises the classification of the fish family Nemipteridae, primarily based on the collections at the Reference Collection, Phuket Marine Biological Center. Lastly, the third paper continues to unveil insights from the Biodiversity of the Andaman Sea (BIOSHELF) project, with a focus on the Stomiiformes family


Phuket Marine Biological Center




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