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Enclosed: Schedule of training course and registration form
          Office of Marine and Coastal Resources, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), will hold the Dive Controller Training Course for Tourism and Coral Reef Ecosystem Sustainability. This training course aims  to build a capacity of tour guide, dive leader, dive instructor to understand more and correctly about coral reef resources in Thailand, awareness in coral reef and environment conservation, best practices in dive tourism management and relevant  laws/regulation.

​          It is already known that coral Reef tourism brings great revenues but at the same time, has a significant impact on the ecosystem because of behavior such as stepping on coral, collecting or touching marine wildlife, and physical impacts by divers or dive leaders. Such impacts from tourists, divers, tour leaders, instructors as well as from anchoring by the boats which bring tourists to dive sites create unsustainable use. Although dive leaders know international diving standards, they might lack knowledge about the Thai environment and ecosystems as well as the law, regulation and management which are specific to some areas.

​          Thailand lacks a clear framework for transmitting knowledge and controlling such activities. This will therefore bring increasing problems in the future as the number of tourists grows. According to the government’s tourism promotion policy, in order to have the greatest benefit from controlling these activities clearly, this dive controller training has been created as a strategy for establishing standards for tourism that promote coral reef conservation and protection. In this regard, the Office of Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation has developed and improved the Dive ControllerIncreased Coral Reef Knowledge Training Curriculum, which will be used to train dive controllers and increase the quality of their service and their capacity to meet the sustainable use. 

​          This training will be held during 10 – 11 June 2019 at the 9thOffice of Marine and Coastal Resources Management (same area as Phuket Marine Biological Center). There is no registration fee for all participants. Lunch and coffee break will be served free of charge. Note that this training is held particularly for the foreign dive controllers. If you (or dive controller staff in your company) are interested in joining the course, please fill the registration form and kindly send it to Mr. Niphon Phongsuwan (, Tel. 0894729863) before 5th June 2019.