International Year of the Reef (IYOR)
Reef Restoration at Hae Island
Reef Restoration at Hae Island (Southern Thailand)

Phuket Marine Biological Center (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources) in collaboration with Phuket Rajabhat University and Phuket JW Marriott Hotel organized a reef restoration activity on 28th April 2018. It was an event that experienced volunteer divers had the opportunity to join, in celebration of the IYOR 2018. Around 5,000 small -sized, living coral fragments were collected and transplanted onto the same reef at Hae Island (near Phuket Island). These coral fragments had earlier been found broken as a result of wave action and tourism-related activities. Some fragments were those of young coral colonies which were growing on loose, dead fragments in shallow water. These young corals had a reduced chance of survival, therefore transplanting them onto firm substrate, in a more suitable reef zone will significantly increase their survival rate, which will in turn accelerate reef recovery. During this event, awards for watercolour paintings and batik craftwork related to reef conservation were also made.