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   -   Note on the occurrence of high sea surface temperatures in the Andaman Sea, in 2010
     :   S. Khokiattiwong and Weidong Yu

   -   The record of sea temperature during the 2010 coral bleaching at Phuket, Thailand – different datasets, different perspectives – unexplained errors in HadISST 1.1.
     :  R.P. Dunne

   -   Repeated coral bleaching in the Andaman Sea, Thailand, during the last two decades
     : N. Phongsuwan and H. Chansang

   -   Delayed mortality in bleached massive corals on intertidal reef flats around Phuket, Andaman Sea, Thailand.
     :  B.E. Brown and N. Phongsuwan

   -   Bleaching susceptibility and growth characteristics of Porites lutea from the Andaman Sea, South Thailand.
     : Jani T. I. Tanzil

   -   Observations of coral disease in Porites lutea in the Andaman Sea following the 2010 bleaching.
     : Putchim, L. , C. Yamarunpattana and N. Phongsuwan

   -   Recovery status of scleractinian corals and associated fauna in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
     : J.S. Yogesh Kumar and C. Raghunathan

   -   The 2010 coral bleaching event and its impact on the mushroom coral fauna of Koh Tao, western Gulf of Thailand.
     :  B.W. Hoeksema, J. L. Matthews and T. Yeemin

   -   Coral mortality following the 2010 mass bleaching event at Kut Island, Thailand.
     :  M. Sutthacheep, M. Yucharoen, W. Klinthong, S. Pengsakun, K. Sangmanee and T. Yeemin

   -   Impact of the 2010 coral bleaching event on survival of juvenile coral colonies in the Similan Islands on the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand.
     : T. Yeemin, C. Saenghaisuk, M. Yucharoen, W. Klinthong and M. Sutthacheep

   -   Reef communities after the 2010 mass coral bleaching at Racha Yai Island in the Andaman Sea and Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand.
     :  S. Chavanich, V. Viyakarn, P. Adams, J. Klammer and N. Cook

   -   Thailand’s response plan on the 2010 coral bleaching.
     :  N. Thongtham, and N. Phongsuwan

   -   A new species of staghorn coral, Acropora sirikitiae sp. nov. (Scleractinia: Astrocoeniina: Acroporidae) from western Thailand.
     : C.C. Wallace, N. Phongsuwan and P.R. Muir

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