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During the project of the Biodiversity of the Andaman Sea Shelf in 1996–2000, 73 fish specimens of the orders Beryciformes and Stephanoberyciformes were collected from deep-sea waters of the Andaman Sea by R/V Chakratong Tongyai. These specimens were identified as a single diretmid Diretmoides veriginae Kotlyar, 1987, three trachichthyids Gephyroberyx darwinii (Johnson, 1866), Hoplostethus confinis Kotlyar, 1980 and Hoplostethus melanopus (Weber, 1913), and four melamphaids Melamphaes polylepis Ebeling, 1962, Poromitra macrophthalma (Gilchrist, 1903), Scopelogadus mizolepis mizolepis (Günther, 1878) and Scopelogadus unispinis Ebeling and Weed, 1963. This study represents the first records of M. polylepis, P. macrophthalma, S. mizolepis mizolepis and S. unispinis from the Andaman Sea.

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Phuket Marine Biological Center

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