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พฤษภาคม 2564

ISSN 2697-6323

We are pleased to present PMBC Research Bulletin No. 78 which is a special volume of PMBC Research Bulletin in order to commemorate Prof. em. Jørgen Hylleberg to honor his close association since 1979 with the center and his influence in the establishment of the Reference Collection. As founding father of the Tropical Marine Mollusc Programme, Jørgen Hylleberg has created an international network of malacologists, which has continued long after the formal closure of the program in 2004. In December 2019, a letter was sent to several former TMMP participants and resource persons as prospective authors, and for this, the TMMP network proved its continued value.
One author, Dr. Ole Tendal, Natural History Museum of Denmark, passed away in April 2020 (not from corona as far as we know), and one manuscript thus had to be deleted from the preliminary list. Dr. Tendal has been an ardent contributor to the BIOSHELF project, providing expert training in macrobenthic sampling techniques to Thai marine scientists.
In the end, all submitted manuscripts have been accepted after minor or major revisions and improvements. We would like to express our gratitude to all authors for their valuable contributions carried out under difficult circumstances during the corona pandemic. It has been a pleasure to read manuscripts and see how they improved after revisions. The scope of the included papers reflects the broad expertise of authors, the research focus of countries and institutions of authors. We are convinced that this volume will be a long-lasting evidence of the tremendous impact of Jørgen Hylleberg on marine research in Southeast Asia.


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